Sunday, 4 January 2015

It's time to return.

Enough is enough. I have been away far too long. The good news is that views are returning to their previous level so it's now time to put in some effort.
HubPages can be really disheartening at times as we are never truly in control of what goes on in Googleland.
There comes a time when you just have to stick up 2 fingers to the Panda and bite the bullet.
After 2 crappy years it must be my time for some good luck.
2015 is my arse kicking year. So if you don't want a kicking then behave yourself is what I say.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Writing starts to flow once again on great topics.

Once again I am able to focus and write on great flowing topics. Spurred on by the fact that I think that my SEO efforts are now starting to pay dividends and I am tending to write more on Evergreen topics at present. How To articles are definitely getting the lions share of the traffic.

My latest article is a seasonal article ready for the onset of shorter days with reduced light levels. Seasonal affective disorder is likely to affect me again this season but I intend to cope with it by using phototherapy or light therapy treatment in the hope that it will keep depressionat bay.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

10K Challenge. Join me.I dare you.

10K Challenge is a new venture for me and it fits in with my purpose of helping other people become successful. Read the article then join. It fits in really well alongside Hub Pages. Your discipline within the Hub Pages system will stand you in great stead for the 10K.

See for yourself.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Freshly tweeked. The importance of a hub revisit.


I often hear about how important it is to go back to hubs in order to tweek them.
Tweeking allows you to look at the stats section in your hub to check how it is performing.

I have tweeked my top 3 hubs in terms of page views and they are quickly getting more hits.
Adding key words from research is definitely the best time investment you can make.
Just tidying up and adding dividers makes a hub look that bit better than when you first published it.

If time allows do a few hubs per week and tell me of your results as I would love to hear.

Hubpage Focus Group Invite.

To say I am gutted at this moment is a slight understatement. Why? Because I have been invited to join the Hub Page Focus group which is taking place next week and due to the time difference of -7 hours to the UK I will be at work so I cannot participate.

This is yet another in a long line of knock backs I keep getting here on HP. At some point something will go right for me .Having applied twice to become a hub greeter I have been rejected due to technicalities and after applying for the HP apprenctice programme was told to re apply in 6 months.

I am seriously wondering exactly what you have to do to finally be accepted.
I have seen people come and go as they please whilst in these programmes yet here am I diligently working away quietly hoping that I will be noticed for the quality of my work alone.
Obviously this is not good enough. The fact that a hubber is loyal to the site and proves they are
dedicated to learning and helping others, I think should make a difference.

If there is anyone out there who can advise me on the best strategy to move on in these circles
then I would appreciate it.

At the moment Hub Pages is the best thing I am doing in my life and I see it as the way to my
future. I love writing but, I love helping people more. Surely in todays climate this fact should mean more?

All this said it is not the be all and end all.
So long as I can get where I want on my own merits that will be fine. If I can help
people along the way then that will be the icing on the cake.

Watch this space I guess.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Time to get back into the blogging zone.

As you might be aware I have finished the 30/30 Challenge and it is now time to revert back to regular blog posts. I love my blogging as much as I do article writing. Both are equally as important to me in my quest for passive income.
As part of this I have just written and published the article on Hub Pages,